Thursday, 30 August 2012

Froogal sucess....

Well, this is the steak and errr, um, let's call it the meat pie! It is made with puff pastry (not cooked yet) as the MOMD doesn't like shortcrust... oh well, just call me the worlds best girlfriend, but all thanks to Froogs whose recipes this week are going to save me some much needed pennies.  I have also made the fagotts, and to round off the day made a green thai curry, which always goes down well. Think I have done enough domesticity for the day so am off to see lovely friend, for good long chat, to sort the world out etc.
Many thanks to you all for your continued support. I have had to disable 'instant' comments, as some comments which have been posted, I have had to remove, were not words for the world to read, they were personal problems which I will try to help with, but certainly there are times when the professionals must be called.... I know not everyone has access to a Nick (CPN), but I am pretty sure most major towns and cities have access to a mental health call line. Though I am flattered that you think I can help, I am not the right person to ask. I have experience of mental illness, but have not yet found my way out of it, so am sure that I do not have any intelligent answers for anyone else!
But as always, much love x


Arwedd said...

Wow, the finished pie looks fabby. My DH prefers puff pastry too!!

Hope you both enjoy the finished result. Well done on a very productive day.

Arwedd xx

Rachelradiostar said...

I think what happens is other people are thinking you are so brave and they can relate to you because of your fab blog, you ARE helping them.
I'm with Arwedd, that pie looks delicious!! Froogs is brill!