Monday, 12 November 2012

Still here...

Hello All. I am still here, but in a dark place, and can't write about it. I am sure I will be back, and please don't worry. Much love x


Arwedd said...

We do worry and we will worry, but relieved to hear you are still here. Hoping you can emerge from your dark place soon and looking forward to your return.

Take care.

Love Arwedd xx

susan said...

It's strange but I was thinking earlier today how to get in contact and ask how you were, but wasn't sure how to. You must have 'heard' me.
Take care hun, tho it is hard not worry.
Much love,
Susan x

Laura said...

Hi Isabella - Lots of love and a big hug coming your way. Be kind to yourself sweetie. Laura xx

Gordon said...

Hi. Miss your writings, but totally understand that sometimes it just isn't possible.
But remember always that you are in the thoughts of people all over the world who admire you for your writing, your wit, and your struggle.