Monday, 1 October 2012

The moral quandary......

last night MOMD and I watched an American cop series, well episodes one, two and three on his clever television box thing which means that you can watch programmes on 'catch up', or 'on demand', whatever that means. It was about a team of Police officers who took bribes and were physically violent towards gangs, suspects and even themselves, but who also managed to save a young girl of eight who had been captured by a paedophile, and thus began my thinking... the moral quandary.......

In life, I believe, the majority of us try to do the 'right thing'. We look out for each other, stay within the law, put our recyclables in the recycling bin, keep the loo clean, you know what I mean.... some of us pray to our god, which ever that god may be, and some of us use that faith to keep us going when times are bad.

My realisation that I am doing ok, has come at a time when I have had to call upon not only my God, but other resources to help me. Yes, at times, I have been on my knees asking for help from God, telling him that I cannot do this on my own, that I need him to help me, and yes, those asks, or prayers have been answered.... I am doing ok. But I have also burned photographs of those who have hurt me, I have used crystals and salt to keep negativity out of my home, I have called upon angels to protect me.... and I wonder about this... this is my moral quandary.

Is the right thing to do, my way? Is this a Godless path that I am following? Is it alright to feel a sense of revenge when I burn those photos? Is it alright to feel protected when I have a whacking great black obsidian on the sill above my front door and salt in lines around my windows and doors? Is it ok to call upon my angel to protect me from the day? Or is this the path of the Devil and should I just be praying to God, and knowing that I will be ok?

But I am doing ok, I feel, dare I say it, 'happy', or at least content. I have challenged my fears, my uncertainties (you can get all this in my book, when eventually published), and have swallowed, in the words of a friend, a big cold glass of man the f**k up. Would I be feeling any the less 'sorted' if I hadn't followed any of the less conventional routes to being the way I feel this morning? Or is it all ok, perhaps my way is not morally wrong.

1. I am not wearing a big black pointy hat, I am not attending a coven.
2. I do not call upon the Devil to help me.
3. I use three main crystals to help me, and I know when they are tired, when they need cleaning and re-energising.
4. My meditations to call upon my angels to help me, are pure, and without negativity.
5. My prayers to God are specific in my needs, in what I need help with. This helps God out, he has billions of people to sort out, if we are specific with our needs and upsets, he knows much more quickly how to help us, how to sort out what we need help with.

But, moral quandary..... is it ok for us to use all of our resources to help ourselves when we are in the pit of gloom, or is it only right to ask for Gods help, in the knowledge that he will look after us and that everything will be ok?

Much love x


Lisa said...

No truer words have ever been spoken about God's ways being mysterious. Have you ever thought he is supplying those crystals as a means for you to gain strength? Burning pictures? Well we are human and it is not reasonable to to expect us to be perfect or right all the time. All we can do is try to do the right thing, and most of us do, most of the time.

I am reminded of the joke of the man who sat on his roof when his area was hit by floods and he prayed to God to save him. A man in a row boat asked if he wanted a lift and the man said, 'no God will save me' The flood continued to rise the emergency services arrived in their specialist boat to rescue him but again he said 'no God will save me'. Then a rescue helicopter came to the rescue but again he said 'no, God will save me'. Eventually the flood above the house and the man drowned. When he reached heaven he asked God 'Why didn't you save me' God said ' I sent you a row boat, a rescue boat and helicopter what more did you want?'

Its hard to recoginise how he helping sometimes but I think the crystals are fine.

Isabelle Nuts said...

I like that Lisa, thank you! Have spent morning worrying about it, and am sure you are right. However, the worrying always goes along with cleaning obsessively, so flat is now gleaming! Now to get on with proposal for book, and get to writing it properly!
Much love x

susan said...

Abso-bloomin-lutely, cos I do the same (tho I didn't know that crystals get tired, how do I help them re-energise).

My daughter has crystals in her room that I secretly put there when she was going through her teenage problems and I think it helped her.

Today I have dealt with a) son and jsa problem this morning, b) darling mum in law in hospital now has MRSA from her wound she got during bed transfer, and c) best friend has huuuuugggge rat in her kitchen, jeez my life is boring.

Loving the 'big cold glass of man the f*ck up, gonna use that phrase some time soon, oh yeah!

I talk to God, sometimes to ask for help and sometimes to thank for the help and sometimes to say 'why me oh Lord?'
Susan x

Linda said...

God takes care of all, especially you.

Isabelle Nuts said...

Phew Susan, your life sounds anything but boring!
Yup crystals get tired, you will know this as when you pick them up you will no longer feel their energy,I get a kind of buzzing feeling in my chest which fades when the crystal is tired. First of all clean it, it needs to be cleaned to get rid of all the crap it has dealt it under a tap of cold water, you will 'know' when it is clean. Then place it on a window sill, darker crystals like the dark and moonlight, lighter crystals like daylight and sunshine. If this is difficult cover them in brown rice, they all seem to like this!
Loving your blog!
Much love x

Isabelle Nuts said...

Linda, thank you x just had a brief wobble, but back on track now. Writing the proposal for my new book, and enjoying it lots. Hope all well with you x
Much love x

susan said...

Me again,
you love my blog? Thank you so so much. I wondered if anyone knew I was here. There are some funny ones that I 'lost' - damn and blast Blogger, or 'wrote' in the shower and then forgot by evening time, ratbags.
Much love
Susan x
PS I need lessons to 'pretty it up', one day when life quietens down (quell that maniacal laughter damn you!) I will try *snort*.