Friday, 27 July 2012

Complaint to the Police...... removed the libellous bits from this one!

Dear Sir,
I write to complain about the way ********** dealt with my complaint, log number *********, crime complaint number *********.
On the afternoon of the 20th of July, **************************, followed me driving my car along the A38 from the Saltash Bridge toll booths, to the exit to Marsh Mills roundabout. He followed me very closely, pulling back and then accelerating up to the back of my car. I was very frightened as this is a continuation of harassment, for which he has received a police harassment notice in the past. Once I returned home, I phoned the 101 number and reported what had happened. I was told that Officers would come to see me at 7.30 that evening. At 10.30 I received a phone call from the Police stating that they were very busy that evening, and made an appointment to see me at 9.30 the following morning. The Officers again failed to attend, so I again called 101 and made the appointment for Officers to speak to me for 11.30 the following Monday. I was then called to say that appointment had already been taken and that Officers would come to see me at 1.30 on Monday (23rd July 2012).
When the Officers arrived, ******* and ********** took my complaint seriously and recorded it as a non crime domestic abuse incident. They said that the driving offence could not be corroborated by an independent witness so nothing could be done about that (though I feel sure that the amount of CCTVs along that stretch of road, could not only act as evidence, but also witness to the alleged offence), but that an Officer would speak to ******** and give him ‘strong words of advice’ about leaving me alone and not harassing me. I asked that ******** should not be spoken to at home, as two of my children live with him and did not want them to be upset by Police presence. I was assured that this would not happen and that they would speak to him away from the house. I did not have his mobile telephone number, as requested, but was assured by the Officers that they would find it, and call him to make an appointment.
On the 24th of July I collected my daughter *****, who lives with ********, and told her what had happened. I didn’t want to spend the day with her, and then for her to go home to be told that *** *** had been spoken to about an incident which involved me. It seemed to me that if I didn’t tell her that when she found out she would be cross with me for withholding that information from her. I told her that I in no way expected her to choose between me and *******, but that I would not tolerate him behaving in the way he had and that I had no option but to report it to the Police. I assured her that it had nothing to do with her, and that she would not have to deal with the Police at all. I spent a lovely day with her on the beach, and dropped her home to ******* at 4.30 that afternoon. She was concerned that ***********would want to know why she continued to see me when I had reported him to the Police, but felt that she could deal with him and the on-going situation.
At 5.10pm I received a text message from her saying the Police had turned up at the door, asking for *** *******mobile phone number and stating that they would return later to speak to him. She was very angry with me, as I had promised that she would not have to deal with the situation at all. I reiterated to her that I had asked the Police not to do what they had just done, but she has now estranged herself from me. I phoned 101, quoting the crime complaint number and was told clearly by the Police Officer from the enquiries desk that my request that the children were protected from the incident was clearly stated. I tried to assure ***** that was the case; however, she is extremely angry with me, as are all my children. At 9.30 that evening PC ****************************** phoned me from*******Police. He told me that he had spoken to *****at the door and that ***** had said she knew why he was there; she gave him *********** mobile number. Therefore the Police Officer felt it was ok to go back and to speak to ******** at that address later.
You are the POLICE FORCE, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, Bergerac, Columbo; Inspector Morse etc etc…could have found his number without disregarding my stated wish that his mobile telephone number would be gained in another way than speaking to my child, against my acknowledged request.  ********** told me that ******** did not accept that ******** had harassed me and in fact felt harassed himself by the Police intervention.********** made me feel I should not have reported the incident to the Police and that he was correct in attending the property to gain the telephone number and then returning to the property to speak to ********.
I suffer from severe and enduring mental illness. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with psychotic episodes as a result of twenty one years of domestic, emotional, sexual and violent abuse from ********. I enclose a copy of the CICA tribunal statement from Judge Walker, which states I will receive 100% compensation capped at £500,000 for this abuse.
I receive treatment from a psychiatric nurse on a weekly basis; I attend therapy twice a week, see my psychiatrist twice a month, and use the Gateway to Mental Health phone line almost daily. I suffer from self abuse including deliberate cutting to my arms and legs, abuse of alcohol on a daily basis, overdosing of prescribed sedatives and repeated attempts of suicide. The Officers **** and ******* were made aware of this in addition to the enclosed CICA document which I gave them to read. I did not however feel I could discuss the impact of what ********** had told me with him, as he was defensive and abrupt. The symptoms of my illness have now not only escalated, but I also feel that I will no longer inform the Police of anything, by doing it this time, I have lost the only thing which I feel was worth staying alive for, my children.
I do not accept your apologies, and it would seem that your apology to my daughter has also not been accepted.
May you take care, consideration and compassion in your future plans for Police Force training.

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They often get it wrong, it's inexcusable when they get it this wrong - pillocks!