Thursday, 12 July 2012

What on Earth does Manic Defense against Chronic Dysphoria mean?

The first diagnosis I had from my psychiatrist was that I had 'Manic Defense against Chronic Dysphoria'. This sounded pretty technical and medical and I really wasn't sure I wanted to have anything which had the word Manic and Chronic in. I asked for a translation into words of one syllable with three letters, and the response was that I try very hard not to be really unhappy about the stuff which has happened.
Woohooo.... this was amazing. Despite being severely mentally ill, I was trying really hard not to be unhappy. Daft as it might seem, this makes me feel like I am doing really well, and that I will suceed and get better. (Infact I loved the diagnosis so much I used it as my status on Facebook for a while!)

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