Friday, 27 July 2012

In the clear light of the following day....

some things have become totally clear.
Maybe my blog last night was too honest, maybe a description of what it is like to be 'totallynutty' is not kind to readers, and leaves me vulnerable to lack of understanding and fear from others. But no, friendship has poured in, not just in comments on the bog, but through facebook comments, texts, phone calls and visits.
 My mistake to fear fear.
I am so lucky to have friends who get it.
I am going to open/advertise the blog more widely. What's the worse that could happen? Fear, negativity, lack of understanding, in which case, I just delete it, or remove access to those who cannot be educated in the ways of lunacy!
Thank you to all my friends who are there and support me, and those who do not fear, 'manic defense against chronic dysphoria', love you all x x x and much love to those who don't get it too, it took me years to accept it x

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Anonymous said...

yeay, to Jane, Helen, Daniel, Nikki, Linda, the other wonderful Helen and love muffin' Craig, and the worldsbest Brother x x x x x