Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So... that's one in four of us huh?

The World Health Organisation stated that one in four people in the World are affected by mental health disorders.

As one of those 1,723,648,711 people in the world affected (did the maths, there are apparently 6,894,594,844 alive today!) I have found the stigma, lack of understanding and discrimination of others to have become another symptom of my illness.

My illness is not a choice or a personal failure. My illness was caused by situations and an environment I had little/no control of. However, for many people affected there is no reason, it just is.

The purpose of me writing this, is to help to put an end to the lack of understanding, discrimination and stigma attached to mental illness and give those who don't understand an intelligent insight into what it means, how it feels and my own journey to recovery.

So... no talking at the back please!

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