Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Just a quick PS.....

One of those 'water-cooler' moments half way through therapy session.... stood talking to one of those amazing women, who doesn't realise it, but is lovely, and one who I would love to have as a friend... she is also in therapy (we have discussed this story and she is happy to have it published on my blog, she also an avid reader of it!)
She having reaching absolute rock bottom with no support from controlling husband, and not allowed to have friends (all part of being in a controlled relationship) decided that she would take her own life.
As part of her plan she constructed a hen party (there was of course no hen party at all), which would take place in a local seaside resort, she would have to stay away for that evening, as it would be too far to travel there and back, plus she wouldn't be able to drink and then drive. She wanted to carry out her plan of suicide away from her home, her children and husband.
She booked herself into a local hotel, just a single room with a bathroom. Her plan was to get into the bath cover herself in lighter fluid, which she could easily carry to the hotel room, (where as a gallon of unleaded fuel, might be more difficult) and set herself alight. This would ensure that she would die, and that there would be no problems with household insurance at her own home.
The plan set, she went about her business as usual, work, home etc.
The day came and she drove to the hotel, to book in and to carry out her plan. Arriving at the hotel she was taken to her room...upon opening the bathroom door, she found no bath, just a shower..... Now I don't know if you had to be there for this to be pant weeingly funny, or if you have to have hit rock bottom to find this too funny to be able to breath at all....or if as a side effect of therapy, just meeting people like like this woman, are a wonderful side effect but we laughed and laughed and laughed, till I thought my ribs would break. She decided that it would not work to carry out the plan in a self contained shower unit, because of the damage it would make to the plastic shower tray, and it might set off the smoke alarm.
There have been other 'water-cooler' moments at therapy, but I can't publish  them without the permission of the story teller, and sometimes, it just wouldn't be right to ask.
But bless those moments of life, which at the time are too awful to think of, but later become part of our history, and can become a pivotal moment for us to make change, and are desperately awful and funny in the same breath.


Frugal Queen said...

you must collect these for your third book - can't think of a title but coming up for air, or surfacing, or tunnelling comes to mind - lovely story and yes, I did laugh xx

Linda said...

Jane , your writing just gets better, I am really proud of you and to call you chum

Isabelle Nuts said...

Thank you lovely ladies for your great support x

Jan said...

From the depths of despair,comes a sense of humour to save the day Jan xx