Monday, 13 August 2012


I feel really really poorly.  Poorly in the body, not the confused brain. Simply have no energy, finding it hard to stay awake at all,  and getting unbearably hot. Have managed to sleep through daytime tv til 1pm, which isn’t too difficult on a normal day, but today eeeeeeeeewwww…. Horrid.
Felt I needed to post, to put yesterdays post into perspective, if you see what I mean.
When I emailed Oliver Colvile and Steve Waite, Oliver Colvile arranged a meeting with me, and I posted about what happened there. But I had heard nothing from Steve Waite at all, until Friday, when I was lying in the sun on the boat, with no access to the Internet, and obviously my email!
My previous post was two emails which must be from him, via admin, I guess. Interesting stuff, at least the second one was, and when I keep my eyes open for longer than two minutes,  I will respond to accept proposal that I help with the policy.
In the meantime, I think I will not attempt more than staying horizontal, drinking nothing stronger than coffee, and try to sleep off whatever bug this is.
Much love x


Frugal Queen said...

Sending you much much love and healing thoughtsxxx see you Wednesday and we'll bimble locally and do coffee xxxx

Arwedd said...

Hoping you feel better before the Lemsip supply is used up.


Arwedd xx

Isabelle Nuts said...

Phew... feeling much better today thankyou!