Friday, 10 August 2012

Well, it went something like this.....

After having posted yesterday morning, I began to feel really, really bad, massive panic attack which just wouldn't go away, tried drugs, nope, tried calming breathing, nope, tried going for walk, nope, tried driving to Sainsburys buying cheap bottle of pink wine, drinking large glass, yup, that worked...
Ho hum... wish it wasn't alcohol that makes the feelings go away, but at the moment, it'll have to do.  

Nikkinokkinoo, a great friend from school arrived at 2pm, with the epilator, so with as much physical effort as it takes to trim a garden hedge, I removed offending hairy areas from legs!

Thank goodness she was there... not only did I not drink the entire bottle of pink wine (which would have caused me to be calmer, but less eloquent at forthcoming meeting!), but she put together a plan of what I wanted to achieve from the meeting.  Nikki and I have known each other since I was twelve, and I think she truely knows me (she is also a teacher, so a few teachery looks from her, and I did behave, drank a glass of water, instead of the rest of the bottle!). Having a written 'plan of attack' made me feel much more in control of what I had to do, I kind of had an idea in my head of what I wanted, but having it written down made much more sense.

So, aim one for him to understand and support the need for a crisis house in Plymouth, and to work towards having one in place for people who need support in times of mental health crisis.
Aim two, to understand that the unit for people detained under section 136 of the mental health act to be reopened without delay.
Aim three, to agree to use publicity, ie local press to promote the positive impact of how aims one and two would impact on the city
Aim four, to agree an action plan towards the above goals with a timeline, and to define my own role within the project.
Aim five, to take me seriously or I would burn down his office.

I had printed some of the blog, and he had obviously read the letter which is one of the previous posts, letter to Oliver Colvile.... I also printed a copy of a summary of a CICA tribunal which has awarded me 100% compensation for abuse suffered in a previous relationship, my entire teaching portfolio, which shows where I was when I was well, plus a copy of my care plan written by my CPN, so we had enough information to go forwards.
Well..... not only did he take me very seriously, and listened to what I had to say, agreed with my ideas and said that he would support them, he also raised other points.
He has given me the name of a journalist who I could work with to raise awareness of mental health issues within the city.
He will be meeting with the Police Superintendent to speak to him about the way in which I was dealt with, refer back to post on being detained under section 136 of mental health act in a Police cell for five hours, plus the strip and internal searches of my body. He will be writing to the Home Office regarding this also.
He is going to speak to Steve Waite, Chief Exec of Plymouth Mental Health to find out why funding was withdrawn from Section 136 unit.
But most of all, for a reason I didn't even go to see him about, but had included the paperwork in my bundle of what my life was like before I got totally nutty, he and I are going to have a meeting with a senior Police Officer in the next two weeks about how we can take forward and bring to justice someone who must remain nameless, but who so deserves to face what he has done to me, and the judicial consequences of them........
Much love x


Anonymous said...

Well done! You have more inner strength than you realise. And when you think you are fading, know there is a lot of support for you out here. Take care. L

fostermummy said...

Well a big hug and hello from me- FM - found you via Froogs blog. I'm a fellow nutty-nora, so you are in great company! X My blog is my daily therapy, I also have meds, weekly Psych and all manner of barmy adventures. Xxx

gillibob said...

Well done you. Very brave in tackling something so distressing for you. I hope they get the book and then some thrown at them. x

Linda said...

Really proud of everything that you are achieving, there is a reason for everything and I think this is yours. You are becoming the powerfull woman that I always believed you could beXX L