Saturday, 25 August 2012


errrrrr...... technical hitch, I managed, whilst wrestling with Dave the Rabbit, to spill coffee over my keyboard. So I have just returned from PC World with a wired keyboard, which is now precariously balanced on top of my laptop.... hmmm... that flippin' bunny.
Today Plymouth is experiencing biblical rain, one which makes me think that journey later would be better taken by Ark, rather than Tallulah the truck. However, as I am lacking an ark, I will put four wheel drive on and brave the flooded roads.
Last night was spent in the company of very good friends. I had a lovely time. One friend was discussing his recovery from mental illness, and how he found it on his own, without the help of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapy, medication etc etc.... It has set me to thinking that if I could think in the same way as him, that I would be well. However, I have asked for further clarification via email, so that I can work out if I can!


Arwedd said...

Don't forget that it's different horses for different courses and we all need something slightly unique.
If you can add some of his to some of yours and make it work, that's great, ubt don't abandon what you have now. Your Nick sounds very good for you.

I know there's no way I can control the way I think at the moment so I have to keep on taking the tablets and waiting for therapy. If I could control it I wouldn't be in this mess. I wish I was as strong as you, you are doing so well, even if it doesn't always feel like it.

The hardest part is "controlling" how otheres make us feel about ourselves. I've yet to slay that dragon, but your inspiration is certainly helping.

Arwedd xx

and I don't know Is a bell Nuts? Lol!!

Isabelle Nuts said...

Oh gosh yes, and that is why I haven't sacked the lot of them and tried to do it alone. Nick is great, and I also have my amazing friends of which I feel is you. The tablets help, and so does the therapy, but the most important thing, I think, is my burning desire to be well. I know what you are saying about controlling your own thoughts and also how others make you feel about yourself, and I wish I had the answer, but maybe for now only surround yourself with people who are safe, and love you x
Is a bell Nuts? oh gosh yes, utterlynutty! Keep well and keep in touch my friend x