Saturday, 11 August 2012


Been a long week.. going to spend weekend having a think about where to go from here. Many thanks to you all..... back on Monday x


Gordon said...

You are right - what a week it has been. You go through more in a week then most of us in half a lifetime.

But look at what you have achieved during this week. The contacts you have made, the doors you have opened, not just with your MP, though that clearly is the most fantastic achievement, but also with and for other people.

You are truly an inspiration - but then I suspect that's what your students felt too.

Hang in there.

with care and admiration


Arwedd said...

Wow, you are a truly amazing person. I too found your Blog via the gorgeous Froogs and have just read from beginning to end.

I have bog-standard PTSD, (I couldn't even do Mental Health illness well!!)and depression and am awaiting EMDR. While I have been on medication for 13 months I have not yet received any form of 'treatment' from mental health services. After all this time I have moved up to 12th on the waiting list. I'd better not hold my breath or I might expire.... although... NO!

I am so impressed with how honest you are and it has really helped me a lot to read what you have written and laugh at the things I recoognise so well, but could never express so eloquently. The way you write is brilliant and I will be continuing to follow your progress.

I promise to hang in there, if you will too, the mutual benefit to this contract? We both get to spend more time with those we love and who love us.

Much Love Arwedd xx

Isabelle Nuts said...

Thank you Gordon and Arwedd, your support means buckets to me, and without it I would be a poorer person :o)