Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dear Jo....

your comments...words mean a whole heap to me.
It is another cruddy day in Plymouth, dark clouds loom, winds and the occasional crash of rain put pay to... I would love to say a fruitful day, but today is not one of those.
I would love to write to you with words of hope, wisdom and 'everything will be alright' but today it just aint, well not for me!
YES THIS IS MEGA SELF PITY...YES THIS IS SELF ABSORBED...YES THIS IS NOT GOOD READING......and yes this is the way I am feeling today
Much love x


Gordon said...

Hey! This is _your_ blog. You can post whatever you want. And, to be honest, I think that what I gather of the intent (and certainly the "flavour") of this blog is that you can't just post the highs. If people are going to understand the reality of mental issues (and we all have them but to varying degrees) they have to be aware of what the low bits are like.

"Not good reading"?? Even at your lowest, your writing is excellent, in fact sometimes it seems that desperation adds an edge to your style.

JOC said...

Well, I know that the weather affects how I feel and if it's already a "slightly negative" day, grey skies, wind and rain can almost send me back to bed.
I think that you're doing a great job and it IS an inspiration to others. And also hope, that all important word/feeling. Without hope we have nothing.
You go girl!!!!
Best wishes,