Thursday, 6 September 2012


as you may have worked out, when I stay at my flat, which is more often than not recently.... I sleep on the sofa. This is because, Dave the rabbit, is nocturnal, and given the free run of the flat at night, always ends up biting my hair, ears etc, rabbit love apparently, so he is kept in his house at night, which is located in the bedroom. There isn't room for his house in the sitting room. So, nocturnal Dave spends most of the night moving around his litter tray, sleeping box, running up and down his house and chucking everything around...this is not conducive to sleep, so I sleep on the sofa.
However, last night, at about 1am, I thought I would go to sleep. To be honest I was a bit hot and stuffy, and grumpy and petulant... couldn't open the window in the sitting room.... security stuff. Thought about it, about the tenancy agreement, which has my name on it, who pays the, who buys the rabbit etc, and decided to try to sleep in the bedroom.
Dave was very excited to see me, and bounced around his house, buzzing and chucking around his toys.... no, no, no, not at 1am I thought... how to get Dave to chill, just for few hours? I put a dark coloured bath sheet over his house, totally blocking out sight of me and any light... and yes, I woke up at 8am this morning feeling good. I have reclaimed by bedroom, found a solution (for now) for the nocturnal bunny, and feel a lot better for getting proper nights sleep. Now off to the beach with a good book and picnic....have text MOMD but no response....must be in a very important meeting...can't be ignoring me, can he?
Much love x

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