Monday, 17 September 2012

This week.... going to be a very busy one.

Over the course of the next five days I have eight appointments. Not, those of you who work, might seem like a lot, but they are not just any old appointments, these are ones which will potentially change everything. No, that is not an over dramatisation, they are biggies.

If we ignore the one today, which is personal, tomorrows' are big. Not only do I have to drive for both of them, I also have to go to a place I haven't driven myself. Not a problem, did infact travel through the same place on Saturday, so all is not lost.
So, Tuesday is going to be OK. First a trip to new therapy, to see if that is what I want to do.... psychiatrist thinks it is a god idea, but I'm not sure I want to open that box of frogs just yet. Drive to Truro, meet with Union Rep, sort out paperwork, drive back.

Wednesday.... HUGE..HUGE...HUGE.....Meet with Oliver Colvile MP, and senior Police Officer to work out what to do with case against someone horrid.....hang, draw and quarter are my only thoughts right now, but make sure I can look into his eyes while they do it.... Understanding why someone would behave in such a way is difficult. Being compassionate towards him...impossible. Revenge I understand is illegal, but retribution aint, and I want it NOW.......calm, breath in through nose and out through mouth.
Ahhh, and then coffee with Froogs, so I hope she will be ready for the bag of snot and tears I am likely to be; then Pilates, which should also be good at chillin' out the brain.

Thursday is free.... only free because I need to think through Wednesday and probably stop being super emotional about it all, 'get a grip girl'....

Friday I am seeing CPN Nick first thing, then medical appointment regarding one leg being longer than the other, and having sensible shoes which will make me the same height on each side with clever insoles and a wedgie thing..... yuk yukkity tuk yuk...not a fan of sensible shoes. Then I go and see my psychiatrist, the lovely Dr Dingle.... and we will put the world to rights.

Keep your fingers crossed guys and girls..... we're going for it!

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Lisa said...

Wow you are doing amazingingly well. The most important thing anyone can do is to stop beating themselves up when they fall off the drgaon [I prefer that phrase to falling off the wagon ;-)] Don't underestimate how much you are achieving.

Yes, how we react to situations are our responsibility but hell its OK to be annoyed that the situation exists. We aren't all the Dalai Llama.

Be kind to yourself. And keep on sewing.
Lv, Lx