Tuesday, 4 September 2012

For reference only....

just got in from being sat on my garden wall, which is on a very busy main street in the City. Cars and vans up and down, a lot of emergency services use the street as it is a good short cut from east to north of the City. Just sat there, minding my own business, having a cigarette, drinking my coffee, reading the local free rag... and hoot hoot hoot a car sounds its horn on its way past me. I shoot out of my skin, and look to see the car, oh yes, here we go again, the           . again, but this time with my children shrieking with laughter from the back seats. What can I say.... DON'T mention my children. I love them all, I haven't seen two of them for about five years, one three years, the youngest about six weeks, the thought of them fills my chest with an indescribable pain, loss, grief, heartbreak.
I know that I should report him to the Police as it is harassment, but I can't.
I don't want to resort to vodka, but I think I will.

List of reasons to do so; endless....
Evidence based analysis of list; there isn't one

Please don't comment, I don't want to justify, or answer any questions about my children... and I never will.
Much love x

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