Monday, 24 September 2012

oh dunt she go on about it.......!

Dear Ms Jones,

it has now been thirty working days since you advised me that I would receive a response from David McAuley regarding the lack of a crisis home in Plymouth within twenty one working days.
Given this lack of response I am going to take my campaign forward with a questionnaire of service users and staff of not only psychiatric services within the city, but also associated charities regarding the need for a crisis home. I will collate the information received and send it to you, my MP Oliver Colvile, and the Plymouth Herald.

I am confused by the response concerning the Unit for people detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act I received from you, and the article in the Plymouth Herald, Friday September 14th. In the response I received, I was made aware that a unit already existed but was not manned. However from April 2013 it would be manned. In the article in the Plymouth Herald, it states that a new unit is to be built. Which one of these stories is correct?

I am worried about the article which was published in the Plymouth Herald on the 15th September 2012, with the headline, ‘Mentally ill should be in hospital, not cells'. Apart from the objectification of people who happen to suffer from a mental health illness, within the headline; the article states that the Police want training on how to manage people with mental health illness when detained under the Act. I am appalled that they have not received any to date. The addition of a mental health nurse to their team would be the very least you could do with such an inappropriate set up. I do feel that the human cost of waiting until next April before this new unit is opened is too big and I can only hope that you will consider this very carefully. My experience in the custody suite of Charles Cross Police Station haunts me, and I am very concerned about how other vulnerable people may react when forced to sit in a locked cell within a very busy and frightening place; surely you cannot justify this under your 'care in the community' policy?  


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Hi - That's my girl!! Good for you. Love Laura xxx