Sunday, 2 September 2012

Another Froogal sucess....

following Froogs posting on making scarfs while being crap at knitting, I knocked one up using an old Breton t-shirt and the remains of some seventies pillowcases I had made into cushion covers. Am going to wear it for pre-meeting with the marvellous Oliver Colvile MP which I am hoping to set up some time this week, so that we can discuss the aims of our meeting with the Police Officer at Devonport Police Station, think I will look a little brightened by the flowers, but slightly serious with the stripes, well one has to dress to impress...! Am pretty pleased with myself, as I haven't attempted anything without a pattern for a long time.
Am off to charity shops shortly to pick up some material to make a comfy quilt for those stay at home days.... and hope to get cracking with that once I have sorted out fabric.
Pleased to say that I am feeling good today and have recovered from last seizure, I am quite sure that the increase in frequency of the fits more recently, is due to a change in medication and my brain getting used to it, so not a problem.
Am well on the way to sorting out bundle of documents from under the bed in relation to the meeting with Police, later this month, and happily am not traumatised by re-reading them, at least that isn't going to turn into a dragon.
You will be happy to know that the vodka dragon is well and truly slain, and no lasting side effects from dalliance with alcoholism. After all, how can I campaign for the rights of others, if I am reliant on vodka to manage myself?
Much love x

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