Friday, 14 September 2012

Feet, ankles, shoes ......

and a visit to the fracture clinic.

Now, for those of you who have read the blog from start to finish, you will know that I have a morbid fear of turning right and of roundabouts. Therefore the visit to hospital was always going to be one which was going to cause me anxiety and a few sleepless nights. I had checked local maps, trying to find a route which would negate my fears, but there really isn't one.... so I set off already panic stricken knowing that I would have to confront the roundabout and turning right dragon.

Armed with spray version of rescue remedy, which is easier to take when driving than the dropper version, I did at least have a backup plan for dealing with this ridiculous and pointless stress (I don't think it is legal to take diazepam, lorazepam etc and drive!).MOMD said that it would take half an hour max to get there, so I left with an hour to spare before my appointment...would rather sit in my car for half an hour, than lose battle with dragon in my haste.

The appointment was on time, and I met a man, who made me walk up and down, with feet doing what they want to do and then with feet doing what I tell them to do...did a few knee bends, ankle movements and got sent off to X-Ray, no waiting around, straight in, very impressed with efficiency of this unit.

Man now tells me one of my legs is 2.5cm longer than the other, I have an over arched foot, and muscle wastage on one leg.... has now sent me to have a pair of shoes made which will make my legs the same length, support my over arching foot and support the talus bone, which is broken across the top and very loose....

I am seriously not amused...

I have coped with this injury from the age of seventeen, one GP told me that he had the same problem and to put up with it, my orthopaedic consultant said 'what did I expect?, you got run over, it's gunna hurt'.... and now twenty seven years later, after months of pointless physiotherapy, I am told I have to wear sensible shoes and that my legs are different lengths.... Yes, ok tomorrow I will find something funny to say about this, but right now I am very, very, very grumpy.

Have used up bottle of rescue remedy and feel slightly drunk...I am sure there is alcohol in this...but hey, better than vodka I guess.

Today I defeated the roundabout and turning right dragons... and now to contemplate the orthotist and the sensible shoes....without them turning into dragons too.

Much love x

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susan said...

I completely get the driving issue - I am afraid of slip roads, motorways and dual carriageways - so don't go anywhere, and that holds me back. I have once or twice braved a short dual carriageway and large roundabout (with lanes eeeek) for hospital visits and nearly poohed myself *lol*. I have a friend who is also a nervous driver (more than me bygod) so you are not alone, some people are not part of life's travellers. I now go by bus or train when I can even though it takes twice a long. You did it though, good for you, slay those dragons baby.
Susan x