Tuesday, 25 September 2012


....what with everything going so swimmingly well... assertive emails on their way, and dinner made... sun shining, flat spotlessly tidy, washing done and airing... I have collapsed into a grumpy pile of humphiness...
So, so, so tired, and this afternoon I have to go and view another property, thankfully MOMD will meet me there, but humphiness is the way it is.
Viewed three flats yesterday, and for one reason after the other, none of them were right... of course I needed bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring replaced, coving and ceiling roses were wrong...fitted cupboards and wardrobes weren't right...MOMD totted up the cost of replacing these things and the resulting offer I could make on the place, taking into consideration my fussiness, made it just silly. I find looking for somewhere to live very tiring, both emotionally and physically. I have to be able to see the potential of each place... to be able to see myself dancing around with nothing on but pants, and a  paintbrush holding up my hair, to feel comfortable, confident and safe....
Where would be safe? I gave each of the estate agents a list of where I would not live, the resulting emails were filled with details of properties in only the areas I had said I couldn't live. I want flats or houses with two bedrooms, so why are the attatched properties, one bed or three bed? Grrrr......humph.
There is nothing wrong, and I need to stop this..... maybe tomorrow wont be a humphy day.
Much love x

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy your writing just gets better and better. I will be first in line to read the book!!!!
Well done on all your good work the last few weeks, Plymouth will be so much better off because of you just hope you are leaving some time for yourself??
Would love to join you on the island for coffee, cupcakes and even the odd fag!
The blog is fantastic, its the only thing i look forward to each day.
Luv Jox