Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pyschosis part two....

phew it has been a busy couple of days.... having been restored to normality by a weekend of camping in a lovely area of Devon, and watching and listening to the sea, I felt well enough to apply for a few voluntary roles yesterday. Haven't heard anything, but all of them required me to upload my entire CV and that'll take some reading!
Unfortunately psychosis returned yesterday while I was in the shower... and it was scary stuff. I have been given some medication which hopefully will stop it happening, I wait to see! However, for now, the medication is dulling my brain, and I don't feel great.
More positively, I have taken some advice from a good friend, and have started writing an e-book, which will be a journal of my road to recovery. I love writing, and having a good structure, a day to day log,  will make it easier to write a helpful book for others in my position, at least I hope it will be  helpful!
Much love x


Arwedd said...

Your writing is so witty and insightful that I have no doubt it will be helpful to others. I'm keen to read it for one.

As always, keep yourself safe.

Love Arwedd xx

Isabelle Nuts said... number one customer! Thank you x
Much love x